Hear other parents' experiences with HIPPY

"I am a HIPPY mother with a 4 year old boy who has a language processing disorder and autism.  My home visitor Suzy is very supportive, she is creative in helping me to take little steps at a time to teach my son. She helps me to be a teacher. My child loves our special HIPPY time together where we do activities and have fun. HIPPY Ottawa helps me to know how to teach my child and to prepare him for school. My son is speaking much better and learning to read."
- HIPPY Ottawa parent

"I am a mother of a 4 year old and a 1 year old. I have been with HIPPY for almost a year and I am seeing my child speaking much better, interacting more with me. He gets so excited when our home visitor shows us the activities. He calls her auntie and waits at the window for her the day of the visit!"
- HIPPY Ottawa mother

"My husband and I work on HIPPY with our 4 year old child, we want to make sure he is ready for school and that we know what to do. HIPPY helps us. I started volunteering at the Centre where HIPPY is based teaching Spanish. I am now a teacher too"
- HIPPY parent

"From what I see with Chris, you are doing a wonderful job with your program. His English is improving quickly and he participates in class."
- Kindergarten teacher of participating family of 2 years

"For me this experience is very beneficial. I have developed so much empathy for the families. This helps the activities to be more enjoyable for the families.

I love to see the reactions of the parents and the children; this demonstrates the enthusiasm for the program. I really appreciate having 3 new families referred to me by word of mouth."
- HIPPY home visitor, Elvia